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Wave goodbye to chronic pain.

Pancea's philosophy is that you are the expert of your own body. All you need is a little guidance and a path forward to live pain free and become the best version of you.

Our Secret Sauce

Pancea brings the specialist experience to all.

Objective Movement Assessments

Movement assessments detect muscle imbalances, identify root causes of your chronic pain, and lay the foundation for your corrective exercise program.

Real-time Personalized Programs

Your needs change, and through regular check-ins, your program adapts and adjusts with you.

Mental Health & Stress Management

Mental health and stress are also contributors to chronic pain. We provide educational resources in your program to help reduce stress and educate you on your symptoms so that you can become the expert of your own body.

Hey Employers

Reducing your largest healthcare cost doesn’t have to be difficult.

Pancea’s combined ergonomic and wellness program is backed by the founders of Nfinite Strength. Nfinite Strength provided wellness and ergonomic services for 30+ companies and positively impacted thousands of employees' health and wellness. Nfinite Strength founders built the Pancea platform to scale their tailored wellness and ergonomic programs with the mission to impact more employees anywhere, anytime.

Save 17% on healthcare for MSK disorders

Reduce claims and MSK related costs with Pancea

Reduce pain and stress levels

Pancea users experience a 50% decrease in pain levels within 2 weeks and up to 80% as early as 10 weeks.

Consolidate 4 major needs into 1

  • - Personalized chronic pain relief programs
  • - Scalable ergonomic platforms
  • - Specialist support
  • - Wellness services


The results speak for themselves, and so do our users.

Pancea has been the only company that I have worked with that understands how to tackle and overcome musculoskeletal issues knowledgeably and effectively. Their personalized tailored approach for our employees helped pinpoint their underlying issues and made sufficient strides in their pain levels; thereby improving their productivity and ultimately lowered our medical expenses. The practice behind Pancea is sound and meets the market need of so many corporate wellness professionals desperately trying to alleviate their own population’s chronic pain.

— Sara Torres, Global Wellbeing Strategist at Adobe

I have lived with acute chronic neck pain for years and had tried everything; massages, PT, and ergonomic equipment. Before using Pancea my pain was a level 8 out of a 10. My pain was constantly on my mind and wore down my energy. Other than the reduction in physical pain, I have noticed that I have more mental capacity for my work and life.

— Thumbtack Employee

I have experienced nerve and hip pain my entire life and I have seen multiple specialists and doctors that told me ‘I would live with my pain forever’ and told me there was nothing I could do because there was nothing ‘structurally wrong.’ Following Pancea has allowed me to keep a schedule, reduce my daily pains and stress with life and work.

— Thumbtack Employee

I've tried many programs to relieve my nagging lower back pain including, physical therapy, apps, and even considered surgery. I was pleasantly surprised by how much Pancea helped me. The program's structure ensured I made progress each day and improved my overall wellness.

— Pancea User

Our Partners

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The Team

Meet the people behind the program.

Ashley Hunt,
Co-founder, CEO

Certified Corrective and Orthopedic Exercise Specialist

Justine Luong,
Co-founder, COO

Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist

Lenny Canny,
Co-founder, CPO

Head of Product

Zabie Yamasaki

Content Creator, Certified Trauma-Informed Yoga Instructor

Roxie Rivas

Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist

C.J Blackman

Content Creator, Certified Corrective Exercise and mobility Specialist, Yoga Instructor

Annie Morrison

Content Creator, Certified Yoga Instructor

Dr. Sundas Pasha Fick

Content Creator, Licenses Clinical Psychologist

Medical Advisors

Dr. Jeffrey Lotz, PhD

Founding Director of UCSF Musculoskeletal Biology In Medicine & NSF Center For Disruptive Musculoskeletal Innovations

Dr. Prasad Shirvalkar, MD, PhD

Neurologist at UCSF and Pain Management Specialist

Dr. Andrea Anderson, DPT

Doctor of Physical Therapy and Founder of Tempo Physical Therapy

Dr. Gil Chimes, DC

New York Yankees and NYCFC MLS Consulting Sports Medicine and Chiropractor